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but are not included by Cunningham, have be( with the originals in the possession of the late S Villiers Lister. I have unfortunately been una cover the whereabouts of the remainder of the ( these letters.
The letters to the Eev. William Cole have bet with the originals in the British Museum, wher' preserved in two quarto volumes (Addit. MSS. 5( These letters are also 177 in number, including letters which are not included in Cunningham but which are printed in the Letters from the H Wal/pde to the Eev. William Cole and Others, publishe
The letters to Miss Mary and Miss Agnes Ben between 1788 and 1796) are 161 in number. Of t four were printed (more or less incompletely) by Cw The remainder were printed (also incompletely] Theresa Lewis in The Journals and Corresponded Berry (London, 1865 ; second edition, 1866). Lad; further, printed a number of passages which omitted from the letters in Cunningham's editio
The collation of the printed portions of the Be: with the originals showed that even in the Jou Correspondence of Miss Berry (which work, as mentioned, contains many passages previously ore letters were by no means printed in full. Thi kindness of the late Sir Thomas Villiers Lister, w! possession of all the originals (save three) of the the Miss Berrys, these are now for the first tim without omissions of any kind.
The three letters which were not in Sir Villiei collection are dated Aug. 16, 1796, Aug. 24, 1796, 1796. Of these, the first is in the British Museu